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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 16

2023-10-26 16:45:00Publish Time: 1,680 views
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Chapter 16: Knights Should Uphold Justice!

Loria instinctively reached out and touched her own neck.

Unable to feel any pain, but always feeling that her hands and feet were icy cold on a scorching hot day.

"He was so sneaky, hiding in there and ambushing me!"

She clenched her teeth tightly, wishing she could immediately drag a cartload of manure over and throw it into this establishment, forcing the people hiding inside to flee from the stench.

Stay calm.

The more you find yourself in a crisis, the more it's necessary to calm down and have a bird's-eye view of the situation!

Loria paced back and forth, dangerous glimmers shimmering in her red eyes.

This time, she once again met her demise from an ambush, being beheaded. However, this doesn't mean that the person who assassinated her this time was the same as the one who assassinated her in the previous simulation.

After all, her strength couldn't be considered strong.

Don't even mention that assassin having 20 points of strength; even if he had only 10 points of strength, he could still instantly defeat her with a surprise attack.

"Killing, regardless of whether the person hiding in there is the mastermind behind it all, has already surpassed ordinary criminals. We must respond with a heavy hand!"

Miss Loria was very angry.

Only a thief for a thousand days, but how can one guard against a thief for a thousand days?

Although in the previous two simulations these people didn't bother her again after attacking her, she felt it was not because they didn't want to, but because they didn't have the chance to.

Because those two simulations were quite special.

After being ambushed, her everyday life consisted of either recovering her strength or expending her energy with Guildmaster Adeline or journalist Vita.

Wouldn't those people, no matter how vicious, dare not trouble Guildmaster Adeline and journalist Vita?

"Let's take a look at the simulation results and also add a little something on the side."

Loria tapped the reward generated from the simulation with her mind.

[Women are made of water]

[Grade F reward (white)]

[You have unlocked your potential and gained the Quenching Trait. In an excited state, it becomes less likely for you to experience dehydration.]

"What is this thing?"

Loria remembered nearly choking Vita before she became stronger. If she were to become even stronger, she might actually drown Vita!


This reward is for whoever wants it, but she doesn't want it anyway.

She kept reading, and this time what popped up was an explanation of a special event.

[Special Event - Shadows of the Neighborhood]

[The seemingly regulated red-light district hides unknown secrets, where it should have been a paradise of joy, but behind this paradise may lie a hidden hell!]

"If this were a game, it would be considered a side quest, right?"

When the simulator was first activated, it mentioned that unexpected rewards would be given upon completion of special events.

Now, by triggering this special event, you have obtained 3 freely allocatable attribute points. If it is completed, who knows, there might be a reward of 30 attribute points!

Loria's eyes lit up.

For the sake of her safety, and also for the bountiful reward, she had to muster up her courage!

"Simulator, add some points!"

A points adding interface appeared.

Loria eagerly placed her hand in front of the strength attribute. Just as her finger was about to tap it, she hesitated.

Now her strength was only 7 points, even with an additional 3 points, it would only be 10 points. She still had a long way to go before leveling up.

But if she added the attribute points to endurance, she would have 20 points of endurance!

The benefits of increased endurance were evident.

With simulated results as evidence.

In the beginning, when battling against Guildmaster Adeline, she was no match for her. She was quickly overwhelmed and knocked unconscious.

But in the simulations after her endurance had improved, she was able to have a back-and-forth battle with Guildmaster Adeline.


Loria didn't mean that. What she meant was that after her endurance improved, she became more "tough".

In this way, no matter if she faced sneak attacks from all sorts of small-time villains or endured the bullying of various monster girls, her chances of survival would greatly increase, and there would be a real hope of turning things around and taking charge!

"If I really can't get by anymore, I have to change jobs and become a geisha. Maybe having better endurance will help me become the queen of the geisha industry faster, right?"

It's decided, endurance, it's you!

Ding ding, with three little taps, Loria's identity card showed that her endurance had changed from 17 to 20.

She nodded approvingly, then turned off the simulator and secretly hid by the roadside.

She planned to crouch down first and see if anyone in the bawdyhouse couldn't bear the solitude and came out to check, so she could launch a surprise attack!

But Loria didn't manage to spot anyone coming out of the bawdyhouse. Instead, she unexpectedly saw Miss Plump Sheep, who she hadn't seen in a day.

"Miss Loria, what are you doing here?"

Yukihime reached out and gently tugged on the lavender-colored magic hat, her eyes shimmering with golden curiosity.

Her height was already a bit taller than Loria's, but when Loria curled up into a ball, she looked even smaller than before.

Loria quickly covered Yukihime's mouth.

"I am now doing something very important, and if you…"


Wait a moment.

Loria had a sudden moment of inspiration.

The reason she didn't rush in again was because she was alone and didn't want the people inside the bawdyhouse to slip away if she went to seek help from others.

Now that Yukihime has arrived, aren't all these things no longer a problem?

From what Eleanor shouted, it can be understood that the reason they were being targeted by these people was because she had disrupted their plans to deceive Yukihime.

"Miss Yukihime, do you still remember what happened yesterday?" Loria recounted her experience, "They are most likely plotting something in this bawdyhouse!"

Yukihime widened her eyes and said, "Are these people being too harsh?"

The Knight's Code mentioned that a knight ought to uphold justice!

Loria's face turned serious, "Miss Yukihime, please stay right here and don't move. I will go and… huh, hey, what are you doing?"

Before she could finish her sentence, Yukihime rushed out of the bawdyhouse.

Loria's face turned pale with fright.

Are you being reckless?!

She carried a door plank and a bag of lime as she chased after them.

When she arrived at the entrance of the bawdyhouse, Yukihime was already wielding a small wand, punishing the owner of the bawdyhouse.

"Quickly confess everything bad you've done in detail!"

"Oh no, it's not fair!"

The bawdyhouse owner was beaten and had a swollen head.

Yukihime was filled with anger and said, "Are you still being stubborn? I smell the scent of blood on you. Quickly confess!"

"That was, that was…"

The bawdyhouse owner's forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Is this woman a dog?

Yukihime, once again, lifted her small magic staff, ready to open the eyes of the bawdyhouse owner.

Just then, a flash of white light suddenly appeared at the entrance of the adjacent private room.

"Be careful!"

Loria's face turned pale with fright.

She saw clearly that what flew out was a sharp, curved sword. It was this very sword that simulated cutting off her neck.

It was over.

She couldn't bear to look away.

But the expected scene of blood splattering didn't appear. Suddenly, a purple light shield appeared, and the curved sword made a loud bang as it collided with the shield, then bounced back, knocking the person who threw the sword directly to the ground and rendering them unable to get up again.


Loria quickly threw an Insightful Perception towards Yukihime.

Name: Yukihime Edmund

Gender: Female

Age: 17 years old

Occupation: ?

Attributes: ?

Talent: ?

Skill: ?

All were question marks, which meant that Yukihime was at least a D-rank adventurer!

And then…


Suddenly, a burst of violet magic exploded beside the counter, terrifying the bawdyhouse owner to the point of wetting himself.

"Please spare me, I… I am just an obedient follower. The one responsible is him, yes, him. He is the one capturing monster girls and solitary adventurers to sell as slaves elsewhere."

"Selling slaves?"

Yukihime and Loria rushed into the private room, one after the other.


Looking at the person in the private room, lying in a pool of blood, Yukihime screamed out loud.

"I, I didn't mean to kill him, I…"

"Let's discuss this later."

But inside the room, there were still five people standing.

Loria rushed forward and swung her large sword in a mighty arc.

Luckily, these people were already frightened, so even if Yukihime didn't join the battle, she effortlessly cut all of them down to the ground.


Loria turned around and noticed that Yukihime was still trembling there.

Nevermind, I can only rely on myself now.

She wandered around the room and eventually discovered a hidden door behind the sofa. Behind the secret door, there were more than a dozen monster girls and adventurers who had been knocked unconscious.

"The evidence is clear!"

Loria trembled with excitement.

If she remembered correctly, capturing adventurers and friendly monster girls and selling them as slaves in Creek Town was a serious crime, with severe consequences that could even lead to beheading.

The mayor issued a reward for this, saying that catching a criminal would earn a reward of 1000 Oder coins.

And now, there were a total of six criminals here.

"6000 dollars, it's more than two months' worth of my salary!"

Great… Yay?

Wait a moment.

Loria's gaze fell upon Yukihime.

She and Yukihime caught the person together, so doesn't that mean she would have to split the money with Yukihime?


Loria's gaze took on a mysterious look.