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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 146

2024-04-01 16:55:00Publish Time: 128 views
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Chapter 146: The Mistakes Every Succubus Makes

Considering that she was new and didn't seem to be very well-liked, Loria decided to use a simulator to investigate first.

In the bathtub, the girl lifted her feet out of the bubbly water and rested them on the edge of the tub.

She spread the bubbles on her chest, then propped her chin up with one hand and lightly tapped the virtual screen of the simulator with the other.

[The Life Simulator has started.]

[Day 1: While taking a bath and feeling happy, you sent a text message and then went to bed.]


The opening thunder struck.

Loria shook her head with force.

Never mind, just send it. It doesn't matter if she shouts loudly in the bathroom, as long as she doesn't forget.

After being tired for so long on the journey, it's time to have some fun and relax.

[Day 2: You woke up early and found the maid watering flowers in the garden. You pretended to be cute and asked her about the guildmaster's past.]

[The maid was infected by your innocence and sunshine, and she told you amusing stories from the guildmaster's childhood without any defense.]

[According to the maid, the guildmaster started practicing swordfighting at the request of Count Lidilia since she was five years old. Even though swordfighting was tough, the guildmaster never complained. She would do her best to meet even the most demanding requirements, practicing for two days if needed, or even three.]

[The guildmaster, who was both hardworking and talented, became well-known in the nobility at a young age. Some boys her age, who were constantly scolded by their parents using the guildmaster as an example, joined forces to try and bother her. However, they ended up crying as the guildmaster alone defeated them all.]

[The maid said that the guildmaster earned praises from almost everyone in the estate, except for Count Lidilia. Perhaps due to pressure from other nobles, Count Lidilia argued with the guildmaster about this matter and not long after, the guildmaster was sent away to school.]

[The guildmaster performed exceptionally well in school and was ultimately accepted into the officer academy, becoming the indisputable first-place student.]

[You indirectly asked about the guildmaster's relationship with the servants at home and the villagers outside.]

[The maid told you that although the guildmaster often argued with Count Lidilia, she was very kind to the servants and villagers. She not only had a good attitude, but also frequently used her pocket money to help those in need. As a result, everyone respected the guildmaster. However, Count Lidilia seemed to have some objections to this. It is worth mentioning that even though Count Lidilia often lectured the guildmaster about this matter, he never actually caused trouble for her or cut off her pocket money.]

Loria nodded gently.

Seeing it this way, we cannot simply label Count Lidilia as a bad person; we can only say that the relationship between him and his daughter is very complicated.

"Although the guildmaster may seem aloof on the surface, she is actually very charming when she secretly seeks me out day and night. And during the day, she is gentle and lovely, but very passionate in bed at night. Isn't that great?"

Loria scratched her head.

She desperately wanted to know what had happened at school that caused the guildmaster to change so much.


Since the investigation had already begun, Loria naturally wouldn't stop until she achieved her goal.

She started questioning the maid for the third time.

Outsiders might not be aware of the situation, but the maid, who had been serving the Lidilia family for over a decade, must have heard some gossip.

[You asked the maid, the guildmaster, about her experiences and challenges at the military academy, and she was about to answer when the countess suddenly walked into the garden.]

[The maid nervously bowed and greeted the countess, who approached with a fierce demeanor. You were about to speak when the countess interrupted, saying, "You have no right to speak here."]

[The countess scolded the maid, accusing her of forgetting her manners and ordered her to go to the basement for punishment after finishing her work. The maid dared not argue and could only tremble, indicating that she understood.]

"Damn, what kind of worthless person is this?"

Loria was a bit annoyed.

Isn't it just a few words with the guest? Even if she scolds them, it's fine. But unexpectedly, she was still punished by her family!

In reality, Loria doesn't dare to do anything too excessive for fear of causing unnecessary trouble for the guildmaster. But in the simulation, she doesn't have as many concerns.

Just charge ahead, she doesn't want anyone to suffer because of her. Even if the guildmaster blames her, it's okay. She can just go to seek help from Dream Demon.

That's right, this time Loria is planning to seek help from Dream Demon, who is a close relative of the succubus.

Going to the Dark Elf Queen's side has already drained her stamina. Even if she seduces all the dark elf girls and tries to overthrow the Dark Elf Queen with her alluring and unrestrained body, it won't work. So, she has no choice but to find another place to benefit from.

However, the development of the simulation is somewhat unexpected for Loria.

When she proposed to stand up for the maid, the maid directly pleaded with her not to act rashly.

The reasons are very clear. Whether Loria beats the countess or kills her directly, all the servants will be in big trouble.

Even if Loria fiercely destroys the whole Lidilia family, it won't work. The surviving servants will face harsh treatment from the imperial officials in charge of noble affairs.

[You can only watch as she gets punished, but you didn't completely ignore it. Instead, you secretly followed to make sure she doesn't get injured all over.]

[You hide behind a barrel and see the maid being hung on a cross by the countess, her hands tied together, and her legs bound in the shape of an M.]

[The glamorous countess sneers and curses the maid, saying she has already warned everyone not to talk to outsiders. Now that she has made a mistake, she must accept punishment!]

[The maid, who has her eyes covered by a blindfold, trembles with fear and says she won't do it again, but she doesn't receive forgiveness from the countess.]

[While insulting the maid, the countess slowly cuts open the maid's blouse and panties with scissors, then she takes out a torment tool that is thirty centimeters long from a nearby shelf.]

[The terrified maid is too scared to speak and can only silently endure the countess' humiliation. The tool in the countess' hand is something that looks scary at first glance, and the maid, suffering from continuous and relentless strikes, can't help but cry out in pain.]

[But instead of showing any sympathy, the countess becomes even more enraged. She scolds all the maids in the house, saying they are all sluts who only want to seduce the count for their own gain. They are full of lies, pretending to be in pain but actually reacting extremely fiercely.]

"Oh my goodness, what a weird mindset?"

Loria looked angry.

Even if her body is abnormal, it is impossible for her to deal with that level of torture for the first time. Only the group from the Church of the Goddess of Madness and Indulgence might truly find pleasure in it.

Also, considering the body's reaction.

If you have reached this point, it would be strange if your body didn't react, right?

It's not only about judging based on bodily reactions. If that were the case, wouldn't she just be a pure succubus?

"Just kidding, my whole body is filled with righteousness!"

At this moment, whether it's the simulated Loria or the real Loria, they are prepared to show Countess a little bit of their power.

If a female knight doesn't show her strength, do you think I am a succubus?

In the simulation, Loria started asking about the countess's situation.

After all, she was a guest now and didn't want to make things difficult for the guildmaster. So, she planned to use some polite methods to teach the countess a lesson.

This inquiry actually gave her a lot of useful information.

The current countess is the youngest daughter of Count Sainsbury. She has been pampered since childhood, but for the sake of gain, she ended up marrying Count Lidilia, who suddenly lost his wife.

From the day she moved into this estate, the countess behaved extremely indulgently. The household servants and the villagers outside were all very afraid of her, fearing that they might accidentally anger her.

At that time, the guildmaster was only three years old, and her relationship with the countess was not very good. They would just turn their heads when they saw each other.

The change happened at the end of the second year--

Tracy was born!

The countess, who now focused her energy on her daughter, became much more easygoing. She no longer sought trouble with anyone.

Everyone thought that Countess had grown up, but unfortunately this situation didn't last long. When Tracy was about five years old, Countess changed back, and not only that, she became even worse.

Whenever she was unhappy about something, she would start scolding people and setting strict rules. If any of the household servants broke the rules, they would be punished.

A butler once tried to persuade Countess, but he was immediately fired. Count Lidilia didn't scold Countess when she found out about it. Instead, she said that household matters were left to Countess to handle, and since he was fired, then let him be fired.

After this incident, nobody dared to provoke Countess anymore.

Although there is a lot of pressure working in this house, the pay is good. So even if someone gets fired, there will be new people to replace them quickly.

[You asked the villagers if they know why Countess changed back. They said that it might be related to Countess being provoked by Lady Adeline.]

["Everyone says that Miss Tracy is a prodigy. Even at such a young age, she shows extraordinary talent in painting, music, and dance. But... Lady Adeline, at only nine years old, can defeat two F-rank adventurers, and her swordsmanship surpasses that of an E-rank adventurer. Such talent in swordsmanship is outstanding in the entire empire. Miss Tracy's talents can't compare to Lady Adeline's."]

"Could it be that jealousy makes people twisted?"

Loria lightly touched her chin.

She thought it was possible.

The guildmaster is the daughter of Count Lidilia's first wife, which made the countess feel resentful. She had intended to overshadow the guildmaster's brilliance with her own daughter. Little did she know that the guildmaster was a super genius. No matter how hard she tried, she could only watch the guildmaster's radiance grow brighter and brighter.

Then, she went "crazy"!

"This explains why countess and Tracy's attitude towards the guildmaster is so strange. No wonder I fell for this rich woman, she is both wealthy and talented, and she enjoys the same eroticism as I do. Just a bit physically weak."

After showing off for a moment, Loria became a little annoyed.

This person is so outstanding that they are often envied by others. Thankfully, she didn't become a geisha, otherwise with her talent, she would definitely attract countless jealous colleagues.

To eliminate these unstable factors, aside from satisfying the customers, she inevitably had to spend time comforting her colleagues with her body, making them happy enough to not bother her anymore.

"Work one job, get paid for two. Being exploited by work so harshly, don't I deserve to find some opportunities by exploiting others?"

Loria continued to look at the simulated content.

She collected enough information and felt that the gentle approach was no longer effective. Can she eliminate decades of jealousy just by talking?

Therefore, she decided to directly threaten the countess and make her behave.

[Day 4: You discovered that the countess had targeted another servant, ready to punish her. You hid in the basement beforehand. After the countess finished punishing the servant and the servant left, you suddenly jumped out.]

[The countess, holding a smaller torture device, was startled by your appearance. You sneered and said you had seen everything, and that you would expose all of these things, humiliating the countess, who values her reputation.]

["Madam, you don't want Count Lidilia to know about your actions, do you?"]


Loria's eyes lit up, knowing that she had to use fierce methods to deal with villains.

[The countess was stunned. After a while, she suddenly burst into laughter. You asked her what she was laughing about.]

[The countess laughed and said, "If this matter were to be known by everyone, what do you think my husband would do to protect our reputation? Would he harshly punish me and apologize to others on my behalf, or would he take action against you, tarnishing your name, or even kill you and distort these things as something you made up?"]


Loria paused in surprise.

She thought and thought, and felt that the latter possibility was more likely.

But if that was the case, this route would no longer be feasible.

Oh no.

What made Loria even more frustrated was that the countess turned around and threatened her.

"This is Count Lidilia's territory, I am the mistress of these lands. Do you think you can plot against me just because of your connection with Adeline? Take off your clothes and climb onto that platform yourself, or else don't blame me for being impolite!"


Loria's blood pressure skyrocketed, even when she was in a hurry to get close with the guildmaster, her blood pressure didn't rise this high.

Upside down, upside down.

Just a mere countess actually wants to devour a succubus!

That's right.

Being in the basement of the count's mansion, I dare not kill you, but besides killing you, I have a hundred other ways to deal with you.

For example...

[You angrily rushed over, directly picked up the countess, and then tied her to the cross.]

[Woman, you have successfully angered me!]

While speaking harshly, Miss Knight didn't stop.

You, wicked woman, enjoy punishing the maids with instruments, don't you? Today, I will repay everything you did to the maids!

Hee hee haha.

Loria started practicing directly.

The countess is just an ordinary person, with average strength, usually not able to punish the maid for long.

But Loria is different, her endurance is as high as 121 points, as long as she wants, she can completely punish the countess until she exhausts herself.

[You notice that even though the countess is not young anymore, her body is still as charming as a woman in her late twenties.]


Is this the important thing? Let me continue punishing her!

Loria's eyes widened in anger.

Under her punishment, the countess's reaction was no different from those maids, she took the opportunity to unleash herself and insult the countess with the same words.

As a result, something unexpected happened.

The countess's ability to adapt was extremely terrifying.

After successfully adapting, instead of blaming Loria, she enjoyed it to the fullest and even encouraged Loria to try harder.

It was clearly like a long-awaited relief.

"Oh my goodness..."

Loria felt her self-esteem being crushed, wondering who was the real succubus?

Please, me in the simulation, give her some resistance again!

As a result, another unexpected event occurred.

[This erotic scene completely captivated you. When you lowered your head, you realized that your body's reaction was even more intense than Countess's. You thought to yourself that if it's punishment, then let's take it to the "limit".]

"Hello, hello, what do you want to do?"

Loria suddenly sat up, allowing the bubbles on her chest to slide down her slippery skin.

She had a bad feeling in her heart, and sure enough, the next moment in the simulation, she made the same mistake that every succubus would make.

During the punishment that lasted for over two hours, the countess turned into a puddle of slime. Finally, she begged for mercy and managed to survive, while the still unsatisfied "Loria" took another half an hour to satisfy her cravings.

"I see you're so fierce, but actually, you're just like this?"

The countess didn't scold her, instead, she hugged Loria's leg, panting, expressing her hope that Loria would come to punish her every day in the future. Otherwise, she didn't know how to go on living.


Loria in the bathtub was hesitant to speak.

No, this one, that one, countess, and the guildmaster.

She instinctively prepared to go and check on the guildmaster's condition, but as soon as she stepped on the bathroom floor with one foot, she suddenly realized.

"This is only something that happened in a simulation, in reality I would never lay a hand on the countess, yes, that's right."


Loria stuck out her soft pink tongue and licked her lips.

How does the countess manage to have such smooth and tender skin? Will Loria's skin become loose when she reaches the countess' age?


Is it time to think about such matters now?

She and the countess had stayed in the basement for so long, if they were exposed, it would be the end of everything.

[You told the countess that you had something to discuss later, then quickly put on your clothes and escaped from the basement. However, you hadn't gone far when the guildmaster stopped you, asking where you had been and why she couldn't find you. Her face was flushed and her eyes were watery.]


[Hurry up and lie, saying that you were wandering around, luckily the guildmaster didn't question it and instead took you to practice sword fighting.]

[Although you successfully fooled the guildmaster, you didn't relax because you were afraid the countess would report you, or that she would accidentally expose you.]

[It was only until dinnertime that you finally relaxed, but just then, the countess called you over.]

[The guildmaster stopped you and locked eyes with the countess, saying that you were her guest.]

[The countess stared at you without saying a word, causing you to feel nervous. You reassured her that everything was fine, and then followed the countess as she left.]

[The countess said it was intentional, deliberately calling you away from the guildmaster. You bravely asked her what she wanted to do, and she said she wanted to do something bad with you.]

[You quickly refused, but the countess smirked and said that if you didn't agree, she would tell the guildmaster about what happened in the morning, and you both would suffer the consequences together.]

[You had no choice but to agree, but you hoped it would be later. You were afraid of being arrested by the guildmaster on the spot.]

[The countess refused and said she wanted to do things her own way, or else she might end up doing something strange. You can only follow her to a quiet attic.]


This strange turn of events in the simulation made Loria gasp in surprise.

With the countess' attitude towards the guildmaster, doesn't that mean she won't have a chance to be with the guildmaster anymore?

The countess will surely find ways to ruin her relationship with the guildmaster.

Want to get close?

No way, hurry up and come with me to do naughty things.

If you don't listen to me, I will fight you. If you comply, you will only sink deeper and can forget about running away.

Loria was astonished. Who is this cunning woman? Compared to the countess, apart from her exceptional physical talents, Loria herself was inexperienced in other aspects.

[You and countess fought for more than an hour in the attic. But when countess saw Count Lidilia coming back from the window, she had to stop swearing and complaining.]

[But she didn't let you out immediately. Instead, she started chatting with you. She wanted to know about your relationship with the guildmaster.]

[While chatting, you shifted the topic to the guildmaster and asked countess about what happened to her at the officer school. Countess didn't want to talk about it, but you took charge and threatened her. You told her that if she didn't speak up, you would take action and everyone would suffer. Eventually, countess had to agree.]


Loria was surprised.

At first, she really wanted to explore the guildmaster's past through the simulation. But as the simulation went on, that purpose completely changed. It became a lesson for countess.

Little did she know that through all the teaching and lessons, she ended up learning about the guildmaster's past from countess.

Was this like finding something without any effort at all?

Never mind about the explicit content for now, let's see what countess has to say.