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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 22

2023-10-17 23:45:00Publish Time: 5,148 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 22

As soon as Ma Huaizhen looked at him, Gan Nan's heart trembled. Suddenly, he felt a bit guilty and his courage deflated like a deflating ball.

"I... I have something to say to the fairy privately."

Ma Huaizhen looked at the young man's blushing face, his eyes flickering.

Something seemed fishy.

"Why can't you say it here?" Ma Huaizhen smiled and said, "Do you really have to say it privately?"

Gan Nan's face turned even redder, but upon careful thought, he realized that Ma Huaizhen had a point.

Since he had decided to propose, he should do it openly, without hiding it.

With this in mind, the young man took a deep breath and bowed to Ma Huaizhen.

Seeing his seriousness, Ma Huaizhen straightened up a bit and waited for him to speak.

"To be honest, I want to marry Fairy Qiao." Gan Nan confessed.

As soon as he said this, both Qiao Wan and Ma Huaizhen were taken aback.

Qiao Wan was stunned, "What did you say?"

After hesitating for a while, the young man looked up with determination, "I want to marry the fairy, I want her to be my queen."

Ma Huaizhen and Qiao Wan were speechless.

"Today, I have caused trouble for the fairy and tarnished her reputation. As a man, I should take responsibility for my actions." Gan Nan explained.

Qiao Wan asked, "So you want to marry me?"

Gan Nan replied, "Yes, I am serious about wanting to marry the fairy."

Gan Nan went on to explain his background, "I am the heir of the Yangxu Mountain Dragon King. If you agree to marry me, you will become the queen of the dragon race. I have fifty-six spirit mountains, twenty rivers, and thirty-six spiritual veins under my name. Among them, there are twenty high-grade spiritual veins, ten medium-grade spiritual veins, and six low-grade spiritual veins. Although I currently have no money, I have thirty million high-grade spirit stones stored in the treasure pavilion."

The young man didn't expect his wealth to have such an impact on others. He tried to recall if he missed anything.

This unintended display of wealth was quite impactful.

Shocked by Gan Nan's proposal and his enumeration of his wealth, Qiao Wan's worldview was shattered once again.

Qiao Wan silently calculated in her heart, widened her eyes, and swallowed her saliva. Her heart skipped a beat.

Oh no, she was a bit tempted.

No, it wasn't just a bit, she was very tempted.

In fact, not only Qiao Wan, even Ma Huaizhen felt a bit enticed.

Don't be fooled by the glory of cultivators, in the world of cultivation, money is always needed, whether it's for magical treasures, spirit pills, or medicinal herbs, everything requires money.

Cultivators always get into fights, and fights often lead to injuries. If their magical treasures accidentally break, they have to buy medicine to heal and new treasures to replace them.

Spirit stones flow out like running water, disappearing quickly.

Therefore, most cultivators are usually broke.

Ma Huaizhen said, "Get married."

Ma Huaizhen rubbed his chin, even more shameless than Qiao Wan, and said, "If you won't marry, I can marry. No problem."

Who could refuse that!

She couldn't refuse at all!

She glanced at the young man, who looked gentle and handsome, no problem with his appearance.

Financially, no problem.


Although he was a bit weak, she didn't feel qualified to look down on him.

Feelings can always be developed slowly.

It seemed like her heart was getting more excited.

It's said that women are usually reserved and easily shy.

Seeing that Qiao Wan didn't answer, Gan Nan thought for a moment and thought that Fairy Qiao might be shy.

Although Fairy Qiao could fight a little, she was still a girl.

It's normal for a girl to feel shy.

"If you, Fairy, can't decide now, that's okay."

Gan Nan thought for a moment, reached out, and touched his own neck. In front of that fair neck, a faint pattern of dragon scales appeared.

Gan Nan exerted force and pulled off a piece, holding it in his palm, and gently touched the corner of Qiao Wan's eye.

"This is for you, Fairy."

As the white dragon scale touched Qiao Wan's skin, a white light immediately emerged, merging with her skin, forming a tattoo-like pattern of dragon scales.

Qiao Wan reached out and touched it, feeling a bit stunned, "What is this?"

"This is my reverse scale." Gan Nan felt a bit embarrassed, "This... is also the token of our clan."

The reverse scale of a dragon, when touched, causes anger.

"Our clan's dragon scale pact, after making a pact with me, Fairy can be protected by my dragon's presence."

"Fairy can consider it first," Gan Nan stuttered a bit, "If you've made a decision, you can find me again."

This was his first time making a pact with someone. His face turned red, he turned around, and without waiting for Qiao Wan to respond, he hurriedly left.

Qiao Wan stood there, feeling lost, and touched the corner of her eye.

Ma Huaizhen asked, "Are you engaged?"

Qiao Wan:...

Seeing Gan Nan leaving, Ma Huaizhen sighed in his wheelchair, "Getting married is good, after this opportunity, there won't be another."

"Should I help you arrange the marriage? I can talk to your master and Elder Martial Brother. You don't have to pay much for the matchmaker."

After saying that, Ma Huaizhen, afraid of causing trouble, took out a messaging jade ball from his sleeve and threw it into the air, contacting Lu Pihan.

"Come here, your younger martial sister just got married."

On Qinghuan Peak, the atmosphere was no longer harmonious.

The sound of the rolling wheelchair was swallowed by the night, and the atmosphere on the peak almost froze.

As Qiao Wan pushed Ma Huaizhen away, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She felt her cheeks burning as she realized the disciples around were watching her.

She couldn't understand why things had turned out this way.

"Xiaoxiao?" Pei Chunzheng asked quietly.

The young boy's gaze towards her was complicated.

He hadn't had the chance to take a good look when he arrived earlier, but now he could see the girl standing right in front of him. Pei Chunzheng calmed his thoughts, his dark eyes fixed on her without blinking.

She hadn't changed much.

With rosy cheeks and shining eyes, she always smiled carelessly as if she didn't care about anything.

She was his Xiaoxiao, the only light that pulled him out of darkness.

He almost thought he was going to lose her.

Pei Chunzheng moved his finger and took off his clothes, putting them on her shoulders.

The girl raised her teary eyes, "Pei Chunzheng?"

Pei Chunzheng asked, "Are you okay? Any injuries?"

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her pale face and smiled, "I'm fine. Sorry for worrying you."

But how could this condition be called fine?

Both Pei Chunzheng and Feng Wangyan frowned.

After speaking these words, the girl's face suddenly changed. She grabbed her clothes tightly and fell backward.


"She's fine," Lu Pihan said, holding the girl in his arms, his hand feeling her pulse. He looked at the two who had rushed over and said, "She's just exhausted."

Under Lu Pihan's heavy gaze, Pei Chunzheng suddenly froze, seemingly seeing Qiao Wan's face in front of him.

But it seemed to be his illusion. He furrowed his brows and the image disappeared.

Pei Chunzheng involuntarily stopped, withdrew his hand, and remained silent, his lips tight.

"I'll take her back to Yuqing Peak first," Lu Pihan said without looking at him, his voice deep.

As Lu Pihan was experienced in illness and Mu Xiaoxiao's senior brother, no one objected to him carrying her back. Feng Wangyan, being a fire-affiliated person, couldn't carry Mu Xiaoxiao, and Pei Chunzheng needed to keep a distance between them.

"If anything happens to Xiaoxiao, I would give my life to accompany her," Feng Wangyan suddenly said.

Lu Pihan glanced at him but said nothing. Just as he was about to carry Mu Xiaoxiao away, a buzzing sound came from his sleeve, and a jade ball flew out.

In mid-air, it reflected Ma Huaizhen's face.

"Come here, your younger martial sister just got married."

Lu Pihan: ...

Ma Huaizhen's voice was not loud, but everyone on the peak could hear it.


Who got married?

Lu Pihan only had two younger martial sisters: Mu Xiaoxiao and Qiao Wan.

Mu Xiaoxiao was on Yuqing Peak, so the person being referred to must be Qiao Wan. But who was she marrying? Why was she suddenly getting married?

Lu Pihan was stunned. "What do you mean, Senior?"

Ma Huaizhen smiled and said, "If you're already married, does that mean you're getting married?"

Lu Pihan, a smart person, quickly understood and his face turned dark. He swiftly held Mu Xiaoxiao and flew away. On the peak, only Pei Chunzheng and Feng Wangyan remained.

Pei Chunzheng stood still, lowered his eyelashes, and suddenly remembered Qingyang disciple, who wore a light pink dress and always complied with everything.

Seeing Pei Chunzheng's uneasy expression, Feng Wangyan asked, "What's your relationship with that person named Qiao?"

Pei Chunzheng's face turned cold and he replied, "It's none of your business."

Feng Wangyan laughed and said, "Indeed, it has nothing to do with me, but it might have something to do with Xiaoxiao."

Pei Chunzheng's expression changed.

Feng Wangyan's eyes narrowed, showing a hint of mockery.

During their time in the Broken Bone Deep Abyss, Pei Chunzheng's name was frequently mentioned by a young girl. It was hard for Feng Wangyan to ignore it.

He had just recognized that there was something strange between the two of them, and now he was more certain.

Feng Wangyan smirked as he saw the young man's troubled expression.

If he had any previous connection with that useless Qiao Wan, he would be happy to see it.

Pei Chunzheng closed his eyes.

He imagined Qiao Wan carefully holding a rabbit lantern in her blood-stained hands, and then Mu Xiaoxiao, with her charming eyebrows, chewing on candied fruits, and her soft voice gently tugging at his sleeve.

"She and I..." The young man's voice paused, his throat tightened, and finally, he made up his mind. "We have no connection."

He walked forward without even looking at Feng Wangyan.

Although he didn't know what Ma Huaizhen meant by getting married, whether it was with that disciple from Qingyang or someone else, it had nothing to do with him.

Only Xiaoxiao.

Pei Chunzheng opened his palm and looked at it.

Only Xiaoxiao was the only person he cared about.

But when he closed his eyes, he thought of Qiao Wan.

Pei Chunzheng frowned.

That marriage contract...

He thought he no longer cared, but it was still bothering him.

Perhaps it reminded him of something that happened before.

In fact, Qiao Wan once wanted to become his Dao companion.

After an extermination mission, she mentioned it unintentionally, but he passed over it.

Pei Chunzheng pursed his lips, feeling a buzzing noise in his head and a hint of red in his eyes.

The cinnabar mark on his forehead was used to suppress his demonic energy.

He was originally a demon, and he joined Kunshan for Xiaoxiao. He didn't expect Qiao Wan to awaken his demonic energy.

He clenched his fists, forcing himself to endure.

Thinking of Mu Xiaoxiao, Pei Chunzheng felt a sense of calm.

It was just guilt.

He had no feelings for Qiao Wan, only some guilt and a lingering attachment that had accumulated over the years.

Lu Pihan held Mu Xiaoxiao and returned to Yuqing Peak. He knew he would have to explain to Zhou Yan.

"Xiaoxiao?" When Zhou Yan saw the fragile girl in Lu Pihan's arms, he was surprised.

"Younger martial sister is fine, just very tired and passed out," said Lu Pihan, placing Mu Xiaoxiao on the bed. He continued, "I will explain to master what happened during this time."

Zhou Yan, with a cold expression on his face, had just finished his meditation and returned to the cave. He did not expect to see such a scene. "Tell me," he said.

Upon hearing that Feng Wangyan was causing trouble again, Zhou Yan felt displeased. However, he couldn't say much to Lu Pihan, so he closed his eyes halfway, sighed, and let him leave. Mu Xiaoxiao needed his care.

Lu Pihan didn't bother to be polite to Zhou Yan and quickly left the cave.

Thinking about the anxious look on Zhou Yan's face and the gaze that shouldn't exist between master and disciple when he looked at Mu Xiaoxiao, Lu Pihan felt a bit uneasy.

Hopefully, it was just his imagination.

And then there's this jade sphere.

Lu Pihan clenched it in his hand, furrowed his brow, and a cold fire burned in his eyes.

What's the deal with this marriage pact that Ma Huaizhen mentioned?


Meanwhile, Qiao Wan was helping Ma Huaizhen clean up the cave.

She used her palm to knock down the mountain where Gan Nan was hiding, causing him to flee. Then, Ma Huaizhen captured Qiao Wan.

Although her magic could clean the cave, it wasn't as thorough as she would have liked. Besides, Ma Huaizhen didn't want unfamiliar people rummaging through his things. The little disciple he assigned to Qiao Wan was also afraid to touch anything out of fear of Ma Huaizhen's power.

As for how Qiao Wan met Ma Huaizhen and obtained this "honor," it was because she had a low aptitude and whenever she had the chance, she would go down the mountain to exercise herself. Ma Huaizhen, as the head of Wenshi Hall, was responsible for fighting demons and monsters, so she had the opportunity to get to know this director of Kunshan.

Ma Huaizhen was extremely cruel, and coupled with his appearance that made babies cry at night, no one in Kunshan dared to provoke him.

Qiao Wan initially had no intention of provoking Ma Huaizhen. She had just become familiar with him because she frequently ran errands. After all, he was her senior who had guided her a lot, and he had a disability that caused difficulties in his daily life. Over the years, Qiao Wan had treated it as volunteering at a nursing home. She would help whenever she could.

After cleaning the cave and wiping down the tables and chairs, Qiao Wan leaned the broom against the wall and touched the scales on the corner of her eye, feeling a bit confused.

Although she was tempted, she didn't really intend to become Dao companions with Gan Nan. It felt like taking advantage of the other person.

After all, she was a transmigrator and didn't care much about the etiquette followed in the cultivation world. Her reputation in Kunshan was already not good, so she didn't want to add another troublesome matter.

Besides, the disciples of the Mei Sect practiced by absorbing yin energy and cultivating yang energy, so they didn't care about others' opinions and were doing well, right?

"You don't like the idea of a pre-arranged marriage?" Ma Huaizhen glanced at her.

Qiao Wan thought for a moment. It was clear to her that Gan Nan had no interest in her.

No, she had to go talk to him and make things clear.

Qiao Wan was about to leave when Ma Huaizhen suddenly called out to her and threw something into her arms. Qiao Wan looked down and saw that it was a book. The cover had no words and looked plain, and there was nothing special about it when she touched it. She tried to turn a page, but it wouldn't open.

"This is something I accidentally obtained a few days ago," said Ma Huaizhen. "It's of no use to me, so you can take it and study it if you'd like."

Qiao Wan was surprised and grateful to receive a book like this. However, Ma Huaizhen, annoyed by her insincere gratitude, told her to leave as he was tired.

Qiao Wan quickly tucked the book into her arms and hurried off.

Ma Huaizhen knew that Qiao Wan was struggling with her cultivation, so he would occasionally give her some books and manuals. They weren't particularly valuable treasures, but there were a few that suited her.

In his words, if there were any secret manuals or precious items, Ma Huaizhen would have already used them himself and wouldn't have given them to her. He only gave her some books occasionally because he would need her to run errands for him in the future.

Qiao Wan tried to open the book in her arms, but it still wouldn't budge.

Nevertheless, she was still grateful to Ma Huaizhen.

Tucking the book into her arms, Qiao Wan hurriedly made her way to the dormitory where the Qingyang Academy disciples rested.

The disciples of Qingyang were arranged to stay below the Changkong Cliff in Kunshan. The scenery there was serene, with a waterfall cascading down and beautiful plants and flowers surrounding it. The dormitory was built near the waterfall.

The cultivators seldom slept. After a tiresome day, the Confucian scholars of Qingyang Academy gathered in small groups to play chess and drink tea.

When Qiao Wan rushed in, one of the male cultivators playing chess shook his white piece in surprise and asked, "Who are you looking for, immortal friend?"

Qiao Wan bowed and said, "Excuse me, immortal friends. I'm looking for Gan Nan."

The Confucian scholars exchanged glances and a curious expression appeared in their eyes as they looked at Qiao Wan.

Looking for Gan Nan?

They were wondering just a moment ago when Gan Nan returned.

He had rushed into the room disheveled, blushing, with a flickering gaze, and refused to come out no matter who called for him.

Now a girl had come looking for him, so they couldn't help but wonder.

Thinking of Gan Nan's disheveled appearance, the Confucian scholars shifted their gaze.

Could their younger martial brother have done something impolite and been visited by a girl?

After all, he was their own younger martial brother and they had to protect him.

"Ahem..." One of the scholars coughed and put the chess piece into the basket. He bowed and introduced himself as Duan Chenghua.

Duan Chenghua asked, "Why are you looking for our younger martial brother, immortal friend? Is there something you need to tell him?"

Qiao Wan sincerely said, "It's nothing major. Can you help pass on a message to him, please?"

Duan Chenghua pondered for a moment and replied, "Please wait a moment, immortal friend. I will go and call Gan Nan out."

Not long after, Gan Nan came out and saw Qiao Wan, making his face turn red with embarrassment.

"Qiao Fairy."

Seeing Gan Nan struggling to speak, the other scholars perked up their ears.

Qiao Wan asked, "May I speak with you privately?"

Gan Nan quickly agreed.

Qiao Wan and him walked to the waterfall before coming to a stop.

"Have you made up your mind, Fairy?" Gan Nan blushed and asked nervously.

He didn't expect Qiao Fairy to have made a decision so quickly. Although he wasn't fully prepared, he would definitely take on this responsibility!

Qiao Wan pointed to the dragon scale at the corner of her eye, "Can this be removed?"

Gan Nan hesitated, not expecting this answer. "Fairy, do you not want to marry me?"

Qiao Wan shook her head, reluctantly answering, "I cannot marry you."

In that moment, the sixteen spiritual mountains, twenty rivers, thirty-six spiritual veins, and thirty million top-quality spirit stones seemed to drift away from her.

She didn't have money, but she had dignity.

Although Gan Nan didn't like Qiao Wan, he was still a man.

A single dragon who had been single for five hundred years.

He believed he had good looks and a good background, but being rejected so directly by the girl hurt his self-esteem.

At this moment, even Gan Nan didn't know what his mindset was.

While he let out a sigh of relief, he also felt a bit sad.

From the time he reached adulthood, none of the clam girls, shrimp girls, or crab girls from the water clan showed any interest in him.

Qiao Wan said seriously, "This isn't your fault. Don't feel pressured. For important matters like marriage, it's better to be cautious."

Gan Nan hesitated, "But... I have tarnished Fairy's reputation."

Ultimately, Qiao Wan was the one who was wronged.

Suddenly, Qiao Wan had a revelation. She clenched her right fist and tapped her left palm.

"In that case, let's become sworn siblings."

Gan Nan looked confused, "Sworn siblings?"

"As siblings..."

"How old are you?"

Gan Nan replied blankly, "I just turned five hundred years old."

Qiao Wan's tone suddenly changed, "Then let's become the grandfather-granddaughter pair."

Gan Nan: ...

"If you care about etiquette, then let's become sworn siblings," Qiao Wan tapped Gan Nan's shoulder, "As sworn siblings, we don't have to be so formal."