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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 17

2023-10-12 23:45:00Publish Time: 5,494 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 17

Both of them were not talkative people. The image on the jade sphere dispersed like ripples in water, disappearing in the blink of an eye. The jade sphere, now the size of a thumb, fell back into Lu Pihan's palm.

Putting the jade sphere into his sleeve, as he was about to go down the mountain, a figure rushed out from below in a hurry.

Lu Pihan stopped.

At this moment, seeing Lu Pihan was undoubtedly like a savior to him. Xiao Song's eyes lit up, gasping for breath as he shouted, "Elder Martial Brother!"

"There's trouble on Qinghuan Peak!"

"Feng Senior and Ma Senior are fighting!"

Seeing Xiao Song's disheveled appearance, Lu Pihan furrowed his brows, his face growing cold.

A flash of white light passed before Xiao Song's eyes, and when he looked again, Lu Pihan was nowhere to be found.

The young disciple was speechless, he...he hadn't even said anything yet.

At this time, Yuqing Spiritual Master should still be in his cave. The spiritual master doesn't like to be disturbed.

Xiao Song hesitated, thinking that if he disturbed the spiritual master, he would be scolded for not taking good care of the bald chicken.

Elder Martial Brother already went ahead, so it seems that nothing big can happen anymore.

But that person is really difficult to deal with. Xiao Song grimaced, wondering how Feng Wangyan had offended this powerfully divine being.

Throughout Kunshan Sect, it seems that only Martial Sister Qiao Wan is closer to him.

Thinking of this, the young disciple no longer hesitated, changed direction, and hurried towards Qiao Wan's residence.

At the same time Feng Wangyan woke up, Qiao Wan woke up too.

After waking up, she instinctively reached for the communication jade slip that she had thrown on the bed.

Her "post" had long since sunk somewhere.

The functionality of the communication jade slip was awful, Qiao Wan didn't expect to be able to retrieve her "post".

She picked up the jade slip and brushed it for a while, one message caught her attention.

"Selling a bag of White Dragon scales, interested immortal friend, please contact me."

Qiao Wan's heart skipped a beat.

White Dragon scales.

She happened to need White Dragon scales.

White Dragon scales are rich in spiritual power and are great for replenishing energy. Her spiritual energy is thin, so she can only rely on other things to replenish it, just like eating beef tendon or donkey penis.

Afraid of being beaten to it, Qiao Wan reacted quickly and quickly tapped on the name "Gan Nan".

Xiao Qiao: How much for the White Dragon scales?

The reply came quickly: Two hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Only two hundred low-grade spirit stones, so cheap? Could it be a scam?

Xiao Qiao: Is it genuine?

Gan Nan: I absolutely dare not deceive. May I ask if taoist friend wants to buy now?

Xiao Qiao: You seem very anxious, that is very suspicious.

Gan Nan: I absolutely would not deceive! If immortal friend doesn't believe, why not come to Zhenwu Building now to find me.

Xiao Qiao: What if I come over and you hit me with a stick and put me in a sack?

Gan Nan: Please trust me! I would never do such a despicable thing!

Xiao Qiao: I trust you with my life.

Gan Nan: Why would the fairy trust me with her life?

Seemingly noticing that Qiao Wan hadn't replied, the other person sent another message.

Gan Nan: ...Are you still coming?

Xiao Qiao: Yes, why wouldn't I come?

Although the other side seemed suspicious, Qiao Wan couldn't refuse a bag of White Dragon scales for only two hundred low-grade spirit stones! After all, she has always been frugal and cannot resist such a super low price sale!

After a while, a line of words slowly appeared on the jade slip.

Gan Nan: Forgive my impertinence, but I have another question. May I ask if the immortal friend is a man or a woman?

Asking about gender out of the blue made it even more suspicious!

Xiao Qiao: I am male, with legs as hairy as a two zhang tall pole.

Gan Nan felt relieved: "That's good."

Qiao Wan became even more confused: "...more strange! Does this guy want to harm her?"

Qiao Wan wasn't very worried about what the other party could do. After all, they were inside the mountain gate. Even though she wasn't very skilled, she could still escape if she sensed danger. She quickly agreed on a meeting time and place with this person named Gan Nan.

The other person chose Zhenwu Building in front of Kunshan Sect as the meeting place.

Zhenwu Building was a tall building, a practice arena that Kunshan disciples often went to.

After reaching the bottom of Zhenwu Building, Qiao Wan took out a jade slip.

Qiao Wan: Where are you?

Gan Nan: I'm... currently on the second floor...

Following Gan Nan's instructions, Qiao Wan entered Zhenwu Building and went upstairs. The second floor was empty, with no one in sight.

"Gan Nan?" Qiao Wan called out tentatively, "Where are you?"

As soon as she finished speaking, there seemed to be a sound of something being knocked over. After a while, a weak arm stretched out from behind the table.

"I'm here..."

Why would he hide behind the table for no reason?

For a moment, countless thoughts raced through Qiao Wan's mind. In the end, she chose the safest approach.

That is--


Qiao Wan suddenly lifted her leg and kicked the table in front of her.

"Come out!"

"Ah ah ah!"

A panicked male voice immediately sounded. Then, a young man who wasn't wearing pants suddenly crawled out from under the table.

Qiao Wan: ...

Did she really encounter some pervert?

The young man, seeing her, quickly covered his eyes with his hand.

"Ah ah ah! I apologize! I've been so rude!!"

Qiao Wan: ...Isn't it she who should cover her eyes?

She could even see the white leg hair fluttering on the other's lower leg!

"Ah ah ah, what should I do? What should I do?" The young man covered his eyes and, like a cooked shrimp, his fair skin quickly turned red. He panicked and tried to avoid, "What should I do? It's really too impolite."

"Miss, please don't look," the young man sounded like he was about to cry, "It's really too impolite."

Because he couldn't see the way ahead with his eyes covered, the young man stumbled and rushed around like a headless fly, extremely anxious.

Qiao Wan silently watched as the young man tripped his left foot with his right foot and performed a flat fall in front of her.

The young man in front of her seemed a bit familiar.

She remembered!

Qiao Wan suddenly realized!

He was the younger martial brother who wasn't wearing pants that she had just seen in her dream!

"Why are you hiding?" Qiao Wan extended the hilt of her sword, blocking the young man's path.

The young man was in so much pain that his eyes filled with tears, "Because I'm not wearing pants, it's... it's too disrespectful to talk to a fairy like this."

Qiao Wan walked over, propped up the table, and pointed, "Then you better crawl back in."

So the young man quickly squeezed back under the table.

Through the hole in the table, she could vaguely see a fair piece of leg and the leg hair fluttering in the wind.

After retracting into the hole in the table, the young man's emotions seemed to finally stabilize a bit, and he could finally explain what exactly was going on.

The young man nervously glanced at the sword sheath in Qiao Wan's hand and said, "To be honest, I am a white dragon, but I haven't mastered how to transform yet...so..."

Qiao Wan didn't hold back and said, "So you accidentally ripped your pants?"

Gan Nan made a sad expression and Qiao Wan simply sat down next to the table and asked, "Why did you come to Zhenwu Building in the middle of the night? And what's the deal with the white dragon scale? Are you lying to me?"

The young man moved cautiously to the side, making some space for her. He covered his face and said in a hoarse voice, "I didn't mean to lie, I really am trying to sell the white dragon scale."

"I came to Zhenwu Building because my cultivation is too weak. I wanted to sneak out at night to practice, but I didn't expect my pants to rip while trying to transform."

"After my pants ripped, I tried seeking help on the jade slip, but no one paid attention to me."

Qiao Wan asked, "You don't have spare pants in your storage bag?"

The young man lowered his head and said, "I lost my storage bag and I don't have any spirit stones either."

Qiao Wan then asked, "So that's why you're selling yourself?"

The young man replied, "I had to send another message to sell the white dragon scale, hoping that the buyer could also bring me a pair of pants and some spirit stones."

Qiao Wan was confused and said, "I didn't see any of that."

The young man weakly took out a jade slip and pointed to the smallest line of text at the end, saying, "Here, I sent it right after you mentioned your leg hair being two zhang long."

Qiao Wan looked at him deeply and noticed the green hair band on his head. She paused and said, "Aren't you a disciple of Kunshan?"

The young man's hair band was embroidered with a hidden pattern of bamboo leaves, which was the symbol of Qingyang Academy.

Kunshan, Qingyang Academy, Cloud Mist Fairy Mansion, and Great Compassion Cliff had close connections in the cultivation world. They not only exchanged students regularly, but every few years, disciples from all four sects would gather to practice together.

It wasn't strange for Kunshan to have students from other sects.

"You're from Qingyang Academy?" Qiao Wan asked.

"Yes...I am indeed a disciple of Qingyang Academy," replied Gan Nan.

According to the young man, his name was Gan Nan, and he was a disciple of Qingyang Academy. He was born in Yangxu Mountain and belonged to the Water Dragon Clan.

Qiao Wan commented, "The names of your mountains are quite unique."

"Really?" Gan Nan was surprised and delighted, "Thank you for your praise, fairy."

The young man was quite straightforward and quickly revealed everything about himself. He said he was the youngest son of the Dragon King, with two half-brothers who were currently fighting for the throne. He, on the other hand, was studying at Qingyang Academy.

Qiao Wan immediately caught the loophole and asked, "Wait a minute, aren't you the legitimate heir? Aren't your two brothers the illegitimate children? Why aren't you competing for the throne?"

Although she didn't know much, she at least knew about the inheritance system of the eldest son.

"Puchi" -

Gan Nan silently shot an arrow into his heart.

"To be honest, I am really...really..."

After stammering for a while, Gan Nan couldn't continue.

Qiao Wan quickly caught onto the fact that the other person's clothes had burst due to transformation, "Useless?"

"Puchi" -

Gan Nan silently shot a second arrow into his heart.

"Yes...indeed, because I am too weak, I cannot bear the heavy responsibility of ruling our Xuanhu water clan, so..."

"So your father the king never considered making you the crown prince?"

Puchi puchi puchi -

The young man's heart was now full of arrows, beaten down to the point of being wounded all over.

Gan Nan : @_@

The dragon king's only legitimate son, a useless person who can't even transform properly.

Dragons as useless as him are truly rare. If he had even a little bit of potential, he wouldn't have fallen to such a state today.

The struggle for the crown prince has nothing to do with him.

But precisely because he is so useless, his two brothers are struggling to the death, completely ignoring the possibility that he might benefit in the end.

Only because of this can he avoid the turbulence and peacefully study at Qingyang Academy.

The young man had fair and tender skin, a clear and beautiful appearance, and small dragon horns the size of thumbs on his forehead.

His eyebrows were white, even the hair on his legs was white, giving him the appearance of an albino person. However, the tips of his hair were a bit dark green, like the color of seaweed.

There was a faint white dragon scale around his eyes that was barely visible.

The young man pointed to his own eyes and said with a gloomy look, "I can't even transform properly, that's why my father sent me to Qingyang Academy."

Every time he transformed into a human form, he couldn't hide the dragon scales at the corners of his eyes and the horns on his head.

Seeing the young man with a lost and hopeless gaze, Qiao Wan sighed.

She could actually empathize with him.

Qiao Wan lifted her head and looked at the beam above her, sighing quietly.

"In fact, I'm similar to you."

"You, immortal?"

"I was originally a mortal. My father was a farmer, but one day, while chopping firewood on the mountain, he was killed by a stone falling from the sky. When I was fourteen, I encountered my current master and was brought to Kunshan. Because my talent was too poor, I have always been compared to my elder martial sister."

Gan Nan was stunned, "I didn't expect you, immortal..."

In that moment when their gazes met, there was a silent understanding between two useless individuals.


The young man and the girl both looked away and slumped their shoulders, silently covering their faces.

Qiao Wan : "Only today did I decide that I must work hard and become stronger, otherwise I wouldn't have bought that bag of white dragon scales from you."

"Is...that so?"

The two useless individuals both looked up at the beam above their heads and let out a long sigh.

Originally, they had planned to buy white dragon scales, but now it had become a way for two useless individuals to find comfort in each other.

After a while, Qiao Wan noticed something was not right again: "I remember you outer disciples have your own residence, with a practice field. Isn't it unnecessary for you to sneak into Zhenwu Building in the middle of the night, breaking curfew?"

"Cur...curfew?" Gan Nan stuttered.

"You don't know about curfew?" Qiao Wan frowned. She thought he knew.

Kunshan has a curfew.

From midnight until the early hours of the morning, the curfew covers a large area from Xixia Peak to Taixuan Peak, and Zhenwu Building is within this area.

The curfew is implemented because Kunshan disciples are of different races. There are werewolves who transform during the full moon, and there are bat spirits who came from the west across the sea.

All these different races start to get restless at midnight. To ensure the safety of other disciples, the sect implemented the curfew.

Every night, there are "night patrollers" from the secret department of Wenshi Hall, catching disciples who ignore curfew and do things they should not be doing.

Before coming here, she thought he was experienced just like her, but it turned out he was still naive.

Looking at the naive young man in front of her, Qiao Wan couldn't help but remain silent.

As if to confirm Qiao Wan's words, the door downstairs suddenly opened, and someone carrying a lantern entered Zhenwu Building. From the sound of footsteps, it seemed that there was more than one person.

Could it be... the night patrollers from the secret department of Wenshi Hall?!

As soon as the night patrollers entered, they immediately noticed the commotion upstairs. They hurried towards the stairs and sternly shouted, "Who's there?!"

Qiao Wan's expression changed.

"Oh no, what do we do now?" Gan Nan asked, his pale face filled with panic.

Because he was weak and worthless, he had never made any mistakes or challenged any rules. As soon as he heard the commotion downstairs, he became flustered.

Qiao Wan stood up. "What else can we do?"

"Of course we should run!!"

With that, Qiao Wan grabbed the young man under the table and ran as fast as she could!

The young man panicked and shouted, "Wait! I haven't put on my pants!"

Who cares about putting on pants at a time like this?! Should they just wait to be caught by the night patrollers?!

Carrying Gan Nan, Qiao Wan took a deep breath, climbed over the railing on the second floor, and leaped down!

The night patrollers had just arrived at the stairs.

"Wait," one of them raised his hand. "Look."

Everyone looked up in astonishment and saw a cold-faced girl holding onto a young man, jumping over the railing.

The young man was not wearing pants, and the hair on his legs swayed in the wind. As a gust of night wind blew, it lifted the hem of his clothes, revealing two little birds on his thighs.

The night patrollers were instantly stunned by the scene...

One of the night patrollers had a blank expression. "Da...damn..."

After a second of silence, everyone finally understood.

This is... a secret rendezvous at Zhenwu Building?!

"Stop! Don't run!!!"

In the moment of falling, Qiao Wan glanced at the gate of the Zhenwu Building, and the patrolling disciple also turned his head to take a look.

In that brief eye contact, they both saw the same clear message in each other's eyes.

That message was to the gate!


In the instant of landing, Qiao Wan dragged Gan Nan and rushed towards the gate!