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The Little Silver Dragon on the Beach – Chapter 1

2021-09-11 13:26:15Publish Time: 848 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: WuWang, Nhien, Bernice-Lin

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Chapter 1

I woke up, rubbed my eyes, and looked around.

I was in a log cabin, and the floor was covered with dried blood! Human corpses were also everywhere. However, I did not have any sympathy for those dead people; those dead guys were pirates who captured me to use as a slave, I was happy to see them dead.

It was morning. The weak daylight came in through the windows of the cabin, illuminating the interior of the building. The person who saved my life by killing all the pirates last night was now lying in bed, breathing heavily.

She, at first glance, was just a little girl. Lying on the bed, she looked innocent, but last night when she killed the pirates, she did not even blink. It was really scary to think. She had long silver-white hair, and her body was extremely thin, as if even holding her your arms would crush her; but this was the girl who killed all the pirates.

Well, long silvery-white hair. I stared at her and continued to look at her hair. To be honest, I have not heard of a country where people have silvery-white hair. The village elders had told me of elves, but the girl in front of me didn't have the pointed ears of an elf. After thinking about the kind of strange power she used when she killed the pirates last night; she really couldn't be human, right?

I waited for her to wake up.

Then she did wake up; around noon, right?

"Who are you?" That was the first thing she said. "Why are you sitting over there tied up with chains?" "I'm just a random unlucky guy who was kidnapped by pirates." I replied, "As for why I'm tied up… well…of course the pirates did that to me…" That's why I had to sit where I was for one night. She busted into here last night, and without saying a  word, she suddenly killed everyone, said "Ah, I'm tired" then jumped straight to the pirate's bed to rest, regardless of the corpses on the ground, and me who was tied up.

"Ah, yeah?" She thought for a moment. "I don't think I saw you last night?" So it's not that you didn't care, but you didn't even notice!

"Anyway…" I said with a bitter smile, "Can you help me untie this chain?" She listened to the request, thought for a moment, and then rolled over and jumped out of bed. The way she looked when she got up was cute, but it would probably be even cuter if I wasn't tied up right now, right?

Instead of untying me, she turned around and left the room. I waited for a long time before she came back slowly, clutching a bag of flour in her hand.

"Human." She said in a commanding tone. "Help me make breakfast." …It's noon, ok? Nah, never mind.

"So…" and I continued to plead, "The Iron chain…" "Wow." She looked at the iron chain for a moment. "I didn't want to bother with you, you're just a human anyway. But if you promise to help me make something to eat, I'll let you go." "Making something to eat… of course it's no problem." I said with a bitter smile, "And then there's… may I ask, who are you?" "I'm a silver dragon." She said, then kicked the iron chain that was tying me up. "So get me something that tastes good for dragons; don't be like those elves who only made dishes that filled your mouth with vegetables…" So it's a dragon… I sighed in my mind. That's why there is that absolutely strange power, incomparable self-confidence, and this kind of attitude of no one in sight. I guess it's lucky to be saved by a dragon.

"Fine, I'll think of something…" I promised her as I walked towards the kitchen.

She was lucky…or should I say I was lucky? I was actually a chef who was training but unfortunately was caught by pirates while travelling around. The pirates did not trust me, so I never used their kitchen; but I was still a chef anyway, so using their oil, salt and other ingredients to make something would not be a problem for me.

Checking the pirate's food bank. No meat, no wonder that little Miss Silver Dragon brought this bag of flour over and asked me to make something to eat. Never mind, I have found some suitable spices, they should simulate the taste of meat quite okay; this technique is originally used to make vegetarian cuisine.

"Still not ready?" Sitting next to the table, the little silver dragon lady's feet swinging in the air, while staring in my direction. I think I can hear her stomach screaming? Well, I have to move fast.

After a while, I presented the food. She sniffed it and then started to chew. The way she ate was very rude, reminiscent of an uncultured wild child; however, I didn't have the guts to lecture her.

"Mmm." She winked at me when she was done. "Yummy." I picked up a piece of scarf and gently wiped it around her mouth. She didn't resist and let me wipe the sauce off the side of her mouth like a good little lady. Well, it was only at times like this that she looked like a normal little girl.

"That's it, then." She stood up, "Bye." "Wait a minute!" I raised my hand to stop her from leaving, "Can you… take me with you?" She turned around and raised her eyebrows at me with a look of bewilderment.

"Why would I take you away?" She refused, and rightfully so.

"This is a lonely island with nothing!" I screamed in a worried voice, "Isn't leaving me here the same as making me wait for death? Please, please don't do this ah…" This is a nest of pirates, very remote, the average person simply can not find in the sea. And there is no wildlife and no water. In the sea, there were only sharks. As for rowing away… it is also impossible; in addition to the large boat that requires dozens of pirates to drive, no other boat has a way to row through the vicious waters around here.

"Boring." She replied. "Trouble. No. I hate carrying people." Isn't that like announcing my death sentence? What's kind of person are you? Giving me false hope to live and then immediately taking that hope away? No…this shows that she doesn't care whether I live or die.

"Then…then…" I racked my brain, "Please wait!" "Why?" She stared at me in boredom, her eyes were cold but not angry.

"Here…yes, here!" I called to, "here hides the pirate's treasure!" As soon as I spoke of treasure, a golden light flashed in her eyes. Yes. Dragons are notorious for their love of treasure.

"Ah…yes." She said. "I came for the pirate's treasure in the first place…almost forgot." So it was because of that that you came running to kill all the pirates? Well, I sighed in my mind. At least it was keeping her for a while; right now, I hadn't thought of any way to safely leave the island. Talking about the treasure was just to see if that would make her happier, and maybe she would be willing to take me off the island.

"Then, lead the way." A consistent command style. "Human." I did not retort, obediently took her to the place where the pirates put the treasure. In fact, there are organs and many magical traps on the road, but in front of that little Miss Silver Dragon, there are all useless. Easily walked to the place where the treasure was, she was anxious to kick the door open but saw two pirates hiding inside.

She took a look at the two pirates, and then kicked the two to death.

"Weirdo." She said. "Stripped naked and hiding here for what?" I was silent. The pair of pirates were a man and a woman, and remembered that they were the deputy pirate leader and the leader's woman. So these two were hiding here to carry on a clandestine love affair, and that's how they escaped the massacre last night? But now they are also dead.

That little Miss Silver Dragon then at this point began to turn up the pirates' treasure mountain.

"Strange things." She turned up a nude female statue, looked at it, and then tossed it aside.

I looked at the naked woman statue. Collecting that kind of thing was the interest of the pirate leader, and such collected playthings were made into various obscene poses. However, the little silver dragon did not make any comments, just a glance and threw aside, like looking at garbage.

What does this mean?

"Wow~" It seems that she turned up what she wanted? "This stuff looks good!" I looked at it. It was actually a beautiful round wooden bucket, the kind used for bathing. The material is very good and has a special pattern, I think the pirates took from the rich hands. But dragons like this kind of thing?

"Just the thing for a hot bath." She said. "Hey, human; help me prepare the hot water." She pointed to the barrel, as if things were settled, regardless of the fact that this was actually the pirate's secret treasure cave, so it was super far away from either the nearest water source or firewood.

"What are you still standing there for?" She glared at me. "Go and do it, huh?" I looked at the two dead pirates next to me and decided it was better to do as I was told.

By the time I came back, she seemed to have picked out the treasure she wanted and was crouching on the sidelines looking on them happily. Her look reminds me of the village little girl who received a new toy. Well, it would be more like that if she wasn't looking at precious jewels, diamonds, and pearls.

"Wow, human." She gave me a look, "Is my bath ready?" Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes; I replied by pointing to the barrel that was filled to the brim with water.

She looked at it, tested the temperature with her fingers, then nodded and began to undress herself.

She undressed right in front of my eyes like that! Don't dragons know shame? I thought about it, maybe they don't really know. Actually, when dragons flying in the sky, they were naked. They only wear clothes when they change into a human appearance, to make themselves look more like a human.

I looked at her naked body. She didn't seem to care, so I earned some eye candy. Just like what I said before, her appearance is just a little girl. The delicate skin is almost pale white, and soon turned red from the temperature after soaking in the water; the flat breasts rose and fell with her breathing. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot bath; well, looking at her relaxed face, she probably really enjoyed the bath.

"Is there any perfume around here?" She was half lying inside the bath barrel, her voice sounding lazy. "Perfume or vanilla…it would feel better if I could add it to the bath…" That's the nobleman's way of enjoying! This dragon is too… No, it is precisely because it is a dragon that it is like this, right?

I searched around a bit, and then found something interesting.

A bottle of philter.

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