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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 55

2022-06-29 13:31:43Publish Time: 3,866 views
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Chapter 55: I Am at Odds With the Succubus

Rin immediately struggled. He thought that the other party was also a magician. Even if she had a high level, she was a woman after all. He had double the physique of an ordinary person and so should be able to easily get rid of her.

However, this evil succubus was much stronger than he expected!

He suddenly became anxious and ground his teeth.

"You stinky bat, let me go!"

Well, the succubus has bat wing-like small wings, including the half-blood succubus. It's absolutely OK to scold her as a bat.

Sha Ye's blood pressure had risen to the highest. "You stinky man! How dare you call me 'stinky bat'!" She stretched out her fist in front of Rin.

"When you bumped into me, I grabbed you kindly. I don't mind if you don't thank me, how dare you say such words to me?"

"Aren't you deliberately blocking my way smelly bat ?"

"Don't you know that if you don't close your mouth, your tongue will be pulled out?!"

Both felt that it was obvious that the other party had a bigger problem. It was impossible to apologize, but it was OK to kill each other.

Maybe it's the so-called sexual discord. They can immediately piss each other off with a few words.

Rin was really pissed off. Being blocked by Sha Ye, he couldn't catch up with Yuki. The swordmaster is so poor and doesn't even have the most basic sleeping bag. Once thinking that she has to sleep in the wild while doing such a dangerous task…

Rin's blood pressure was surging up. No matter how much higher your level is, I'm not afraid of you! Stinky bat!

After all, they are still on the road during the day. Sha Ye must hide her identity and won't dare beat him here.

Even if she wanted to kill him, he was not afraid. The system could save his life!

Most importantly, he had a trump card.

Rin still looked disgusted, "You orangutan, you dare to threaten me?"

Sha Ye was unwilling to show weakness, "Little garbage, are you trying to die?"

"You're just a rotten egg. Don't get close to me!"

"Dog, you dare to say another word?"

"Rotten melon skin!"

"Street Aberdeen!"

"Slime shit!"

"Goblin dung ball!"

"Running mice!"

"Twisted maggot baby!"

"Androgynous leech!"

"Toad in the process of metamorphosis!"

The following swearing war is omitted…

After a long while of scolding, Rin straightened his neck, "Your sister blew up!"

Sha Ye was slightly stunned for half a second and thought it might be a good thing, but she still sneered, "Rebound!"

"I don't have a sister, your rebound is invalid!"

This time, Rin's eyes were already reddened. He grabbed his magic book and struck the other party's head heavily.

Sha Ye didn't expect that he would do this, and she hurriedly stepped back. Although her head avoided it, her pair of "giant soft cakes" was slapped directly by the book and bounced wildly.

Sha Ye immediately felt pain, put her hand over her breasts, rubbed them to try and ease the pain, and targetted Rin with a vicious fist.

But Rin had taken out the magic cards and put the black dark magic card on the top.

"Stinky bat, you want a duel?"

"Humph, ok, dwarf… wait?"

Sha Ye widened her eyes and looked at the magic card with two purple chains and dark lines flashing.

Platinum magic card, Dark Lock.

She had seen this card and was familiar with it. Isn't it a magic card made by Suyu?

She actually gave such a precious thing to this smelly boy?

It seems that the witch was right. This bastard is in an unusual relationship with the Demon King.

The happenings in the grove must be true! There may be other unknown things!

Sha Ye suddenly lost her temper, pointing at Rin, "Little dwarf, what's your relationship with my… Suyu?"

Rin smiled coldly, "The relationship between the top and the bottom."

He was not lying. After all, Suyu would be his boss in the future.

Whether it is to avoid being killed by the system or to perform his own plan, he has to join Suyu's force.

"Top… Bottom…"

Sha Ye was even more gape-mouthed. She seemed to think of something strange and her face turned red.

Although she behaved like a bad evil girl, she was actually a super innocent… succubus. Even if she likes girls, she just appreciates them. She has not even been in love with anyone!

Oh, "innocent" here refers to her body, her mind may be a little…

She took a deep breath, pinched her itchy fist, held back the flame she was planning to release, and said fiercely, "That's all for today. Don't think because you're Suyu's… I'll be afraid of you! I'm only doing her a favor!"

Rin could not help but laugh, and chanted the Explosive Art which directly toward her head.

Sha Ye dodged and disappeared quickly.

Actually, Sha Ye was just blowing her own horn. Doing Suyu a favor? Rin only wanted to laugh.

It was clearly stated in the book and described many times that Sha Ye and Suyu had known each other since childhood and Sha Ye had been bullied to death by the Demon King since their childhood. She respected and cared about Suyu, but she was also very afraid of Suyu.

So Rin's trump card was to borrow Suyu's prestige.

Humph, it must be able to scare Sha Ye to death.

Scarlet Leaf? Bah, I've got something on you.

Rin was not satisfied with today's struggle. It was the first time someone could sustain a verbal argument with him. He would undoubtedly defeat her the next time he found a chance!

Unfortunately, the poor swordmaster had to be hungry.

"You're already an adult, how can you be so poor?!"

Rin tilted his mouth and felt that it was a pity that the Explosive Art didn't burn Sha Ye's hair.

He turned around and was about to enter the hotel. Before he went upstairs, he happened to see the silly elk and waste Hero coming down one after another. One ran happily toward Rin and the other waved her hands at him.

"Little Rin, little Rin, did you catch up with Sister Yuki?"

"No, I met a pig-faced bat on the way."

"Hey, hey?"

At the thought of it, Rin was still gnashing his teeth with anger.

I will remember you, you evil succubus. I will remember you!

Emilia sniffed at him and said, "Sha Ye?"

Crap, this useless Hero has a better nose than a dog.

Rin nodded, "Yes, and she is our enemy. We are currently no match for her. However, in the future, when your level is higher than hers, you must beat her up every time you see her, okay?"

"OK." Miss Hero promised decisively.

Elise hesitated for a moment, but still said, "If you must beat her, I… I'll treat her, so she won't get hurt. It's OK to beat her harder, but it can't exceed the scope of my treatment."

"Forget it, forget it. Let's go to the guild to pick up new tasks and then to the market to replenish our supplies. This time, we may have a longer trip."

After the three went to the guild to select tasks, they went to the market for shopping. However, for the sake of efficiency, the three temporarily chose to disperse.

At the time of regrouping, Rin found only the waste Hero, who was standing foolishly on the roadside, but no trace of the silly elk.