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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 21

2022-04-23 22:45:00Publish Time: 5,061 views
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Chapter 21: Bitchy Demon King

"You dirty bitch, pretending to be pitiful every day to seduce men, absolutely disgusting."

"Your grace, I saw her seduce young master Winston with my own eyes!"

"I'm going to scar your face, so that you can't seduce anyone anymore, and throw you to the brothel."

Suyu felt a little helpless. As the former Demon King, she would like to stay quietly in the school, while looking for the secrets of the ancient royal family left in the school and hiding from the current Demon King's pursuers. 

But ah, these human nobles, who seemed to be courteous on the surface, were actually so despicable and shameless.

She remembered the young master Winston they mentioned. He was a playboy and always stuck to her like a dog, so she cast a small curse on him, one that would break one of his legs.

She just did not expect to be blocked by this group of crazy women.

Haven't they heard the "cursed woman" title of hers? It seems that I have to curse a few more people to scare people away.

Suyu looked at the woman who grabbed her hair with a look of pity and mockery, thinking about whether to impose a curse to make this vicious woman lose her hair.

The other party was enraged by her mocking eyes and just intended to slap her hard.

[School bullying, very well, no wonder I wasn't able to find and bully the Demon King. It turns out that these three women are stealing my job?]

[Isn't she the lady who lost her bookmark last time?]

[No, I can't tolerate it. When I was... if I encounter this kind of evil…]

The familiar voice of the heart let Suyu drop down her hand that was ready to release the black magic, then her expression immediately turned into fear and panic.

In terms of acting, she was far better than the "villain".


A thick magic book was instantly thrown at Grace's head. She let go of Suyu because of the pain, and looked around for the owner of the magic book in anger.

"Which son of a bitch dares… young master Fenix!"

From anger to surprise, the name that came out of her mouth made her anger quickly disappear to nowhere. The two other girls were also surprised.

Rin crossed his arms, slowly used his magic power to draw the book back.

"You ugly women, you are very noisy, do you understand? I'm now very angry."

Grace gritted her teeth and was a bit unconvinced: "Master Fenix, I am at least the daughter of Duke Lunik, are you putting the friendship between the two families aside for the sake of a lowly illegitimate daughter?"

Duke Lunik?

Rin recalled for a moment, found that it was a very weak duke, who had only his duke title left, so he did not care much about the girl's words.

Even his father would not take this kind of weak duke seriously.

So he continued his mockery, "I think you may be mistaken, I am not even slightly into this girl you are bullying, it's simply because you people are too noisy- No, too ugly! Do you not know the situation of your family? How dare you mention 'friendship' in front of me, a Fenix?"

He looked at the girl. It seemed like she was about to burst, but she didn't dare refute him.

Rin finally found the pleasure to be a villain.

These three women are too disgusting. Whether what they said before was true or not, it made him feel intensely uncomfortable.

Grace has received a tradional noble education and is well aware of the power of the Fenix family. She knew she couldn't express any dissatisfaction here, otherwise, she didn't know what this violent and villainous young master would do.

Incidentally, the fight between Rin and Christo had somehow spread out. Plus his evil deed of bullying his betrothed, restricting his betrothed's freedom, and the infamous behavior against the Hero.

His name had unsurprisingly become a symbol of  Evil,  a violent madman.

She took a long breath, clenched her fists, and endured, "I apologize, we won't bother Young Master Fenix anymore. We will take our leave."

"Want to leave?" Rin looked at them with a smirk, "You think I'm that nice?"

He said, and tried his best to put on a sinister expression. He grabbed and pulled out a tube filled with unknown liquid, evenly pouring the liquid inside three empty bottles.

"Drink it, and you can leave. It would be fine if you refuse because I'm also willing to do it myself."

"This… what is this?"

"Oh, some kind of failed potion. I want to see the effect. Rest assured, it's a low-level potion, you will feel uncomfortable at best, you won't die."

[Actually, it's the laxative (undiluted) I prepared to let that stupid Hero drink.]

If the three girls really refuse to drink, he may not be able to beat them, but how dare they refuse?  Aren't they afraid of the Fenix family's revenge?

However, after forcing them to drink the potions, his reputation would certainly be more infamous.

After drinking the medicine, the three women didn't forget to threaten Suyu.

"Suyu, you won't be so lucky the next time!"

They didn't notice that a dark breath had invaded their bodies.

Suyu secretly shook her head. The little villain is still too kind. She doesn't have the habit of forgiving her enemies. She believed that after going back, these three women would lose their hair.

If she didn't still need to hide her identity, they would have been dead already.

Then she looked at the "little villain", who was looking at her with a confused look on his face.

Last time, she lost the magic card, and only felt a residual scent on the "little villain's body". She guessed maybe the magic card was in his spatial ring.

It was just the previous mind reading that prevented her from concluding.

[Suyu? What the heck? Why do I feel that I heard it somewhere?]

[Wait- Purple eyes? Black hair? No, it can't be! S-Suyu? The Demon King? The fuck?!?!]

Hearing what the little villain was thinking in his mind, Suyu was startled. Her curiosity was immediately overshadowed by her killing intent, and on her hand, a purple magic pattern appeared.

[Don't panic, don't panic, she's just a usurped demon king, she will be my boss in the future. I should pretend that I don't know her, show my value, and swear my loyalty to her later.]

These thoughts made Suyu's killing intent greatly reduce, and the magic pattern on her hand also gradually dispersed.

She looked at Rin with suspicion. On one hand, she was curious why this guy knew her identity; on the other hand, Rin's intention of surrender made her a bit stunned and confused.

"Do not stare at me like that, I did not save you on purpose, I just thought those three were making too much of a ruckus, you can just go now."

[Let's just let her leave... Although she's going to become my boss in the future, she's way too evil. I'm too nervous to stay anywhere near her. And this…]

Suyu narrowed her eyes, and suddenly did not want to go. She looked at him with a pitiful and sad look, which made Rin feel creeped out.

[Again, again! I was cheated by her last time! She wants to use the same pitiful look to cheat me again!]

"Ding! Warning. My dear master, the protagonist is approaching, and the story will resume. Please start your show, bully the heroine."

[I… what the f*@#! I knew there would be such a thing! What to do? What to do! Damn, I have to do it!]

Rin ground his teeth, pushed Suyu to the wall, and then reached out one hand to support the wall, just like a standard villain who is doing a Kabe-Don to a weak girl.