Volume 1 Chapter 1: When the World Says NO to You

“Can’t give up, Su’er. You can’t give up.”

Even though she kept persuading herself in this way, looking at the bad reality in front of her, Su’er still couldn’t restrain herself from following the chestnut bangs in front of her forehead with her left hand – usually only when she was wronged, she would do this action in front of strangers.

Of course, that was before she became a Dragonfly Girl. Now, she just has a migraine.

The dress and cloak were stained with light green blood. The damage on the waist was as big as a tea bowl. But under the opening which was obviously made by something, the skin was still white – as good as a newborn baby.

To be sure, it took a lot of effort to repair such a wound, but in any case, it should not cause a headache. No, Su’er believes that it must be something else that makes her feel the migraine she has not seen for a long time, such as… for example, this miserable world. This is something wrong with it.

But the world was still fine this morning As a contract model for the magazine “Pip-Lady”, she not only has a small round face that is naturally beautiful and cute as a doll, but also enjoys a good job that thousands of young girls are envious of. She traveled around, made a few shapes under different backgrounds, and could earn a lot of money if she was photographed… Er, well, maybe the adjective “a lot of” is a bit exaggerated… after all, Su’er’s is still not a big star, and not many readers like the column “Plain Chested and Pure Little girls” of the magazine.

But in any case, in the last two years, Su’er had been eating well, drinking well, having fun, and sleeping well. As a Dragonfly Girl, her life had been very comfortable and happy, at least nothing troublesome happened – nothing like the life and death issue today.

Between the desktop in front of Su’er and her right hand, there was a yellow map – maybe just some kind of painting that looks like a map. Let’s put it aside for a while, and moving eyes to the eye-catching silver thread dagger inserted in the middle – the material is dazzling, the workmanship is exquisite, and full of the extravagant artistic style of the industrial revolution.

Its name is “Natafel Silver Fire” – a typical old Imperial military sabre.

Before leaving the train, someone used this dagger to stab Su’er in the back of the head, which caused a lot of trouble for her recovery… oh, wait a minute. Maybe that’s the cause of her migraine?

Su’er shakes her head, forcing herself to move her attention away from the “Silver Fire”. Here is the end of our introduction to it.

Now, after all, there are many more important things to describe in this small wooden house, which is located on the precipice and shaken by the mountain wind.


First of all, of course, the princess, yes, the princess, or you can call her the Queen – 16-year-old Marmalan Bertamonto, the current legal ruler of the Northern Kingdom, the princess of the Temple Island, the eldest daughter of the king of heroes, and Pip-Lady magazine’s “most beautiful girl from Shanai” voted by readers – but all this happened before she was hit in the side ribs by an 8.8 caliber Silver Spiral armor-piercing bullet.


Now, she – or her body, is lying on the ground opposite the table, in the arms of the prince. What’s the name of this boy? It’s Marmalan’s childhood sweetheart and fiance, right? Is that lucky guy of “if there is no accident, he will live a shameless life with the princess”?

Well, Su’er doesn’t know who this crying dandy is – does it matter?

No, it doesn’t matter. This guy is useless in the current situation.

“Well, your name is… it’s called “Spot”, right?”

Just out of courtesy to the royal family, Su’er poked the boy in the back twice.

The boy cried with tears, and even his voice was intermittent.

“My… my name is Ku Ku… Ku…”

Ku? Kuku? Or Kukuku? It’s hard for Su’er’s brain to distinguish the reduplicated words in human language, but objectively speaking, the ability to remember “Ku” as “Spot” is a relatively “high level” performance.

“Your Highness, I beg your pardon.”

After uttering this insincerely, Su’er looked around from left to right.

In addition to the princess who is already dead and her boyfriend who is no different from the dead, there are only herself and… and this cold face woman, who has been standing beside her without a word for a long time.

You see, life is like this. No matter how many friends you have, none of them can’t be equal to a military dress elder sister who appears at a critical moment. Of course, this is just a metaphor. As a Dragonfly Girl, Su’er has not made a real “friend” so far, and, she is probably doomed to never have a normal “partner” in her life.

And as for… this beautiful cold-faced elder sister who looks like a Royal Guard… How to describe her? A typical Nayimei beauty, tall, sexy, and a little arrogant. Her height should be 175 cm, a head higher than Su’er herself. Her face shape and body shape are totally different from her own, full of the beauty of mature women. In particular, the long golden hair, which symbolizes the beauty of Nayimei woman, is spread on her shoulders like silk, and it is especially charming when matched with her delicate melon-like face.

But Ah? Wait? What do you mean by pulling out the match? Hey, at the critical moment when the head of state was attacked and died, it seems inappropriate for you to carry a cigarette with your face leisurely?

Calm down – Su’er said to herself. Isn’t this kind of talent what we need most now? In such a critical moment of national crisis, she can still keep calm, natural and unrestrained, and be fearless in the face of crisis – no matter how I look at it, this elder sister is by no means an idle person!

Yes, there is a chance… Su’er suddenly felt that if she wanted to leave this room alive and leave Roland Island, it would be hopeless to rely on the crying prince, while the elder sister might be the last straw that can save everyone’s life.

Su’er licked the corners of her lips and moistened her throat.

“Well, your highness, I’m as sad as you about Princess Marmalan, but we haven’t got out of danger. Hiding here is not the way. We…”

“In my opinion, the sisterhood is for him.” suddenly, the elder sister beside Su’er calmly spat out a cigarette ring. “It’s very easy to get out of danger. Just hand over the little boy with the corpse and it’s over.”

Su’er felt a chill behind her, and even her resonators began to shiver! As a guard of the royal family, is it fine to say such treacherous words?

No, wait…

Take a closer look. No, although she was wearing a military uniform and carrying a rifle, and she really looked like a royal guard of the Northern Kingdom…

But no, it’s not the uniform of the Northern Kingdom, is it? Although Su’er’s brain stung by Dragonflies is different from that of human beings in distinguishing colors, she could see that the elder sister’s military uniform is silver-white with beautiful frills and shawls. Moreover, the rifle engraved with kill marks is clearly engraved with the words “Sisterhood of the Great Theological Order of the Old Empire”.

“The sisterhood’s gun… ” Su’er forced a calm dry smile, “Ah, this… is this your booty? “

“Oh, this Firestar?” The elder sister took another puff of smoke as if nothing had happened, and straightened the gun on her shoulder, “It’s from the sisterhood. I’ve been carrying it for several years.”

No way – with a buzzing sound in her head, Su’er glanced at the dagger on the table and imagined the possible fighting process.

No, it must be too late to draw the dagger. The other party is wearing the uniform of the imperial sisterhood and carrying a bloody weapon. The battle she has experienced must be amazing. She can’t take advantage of a sneak attack. But then again, as a Dragonfly Girl, she has an overwhelming advantage that ordinary people don’t have——

She’s very difficult to be killed.

So even if the other side got the first chance, Su’er decided that she had a good chance to turn over the situation, so there was no need to rush to start first.

“That is to say, you’re with the group outside who attacked the train and chased us?”

“Used to be,” the other side still showed a casual expression, “Yoo, little girl, the war had been ended two years ago, there has been no sisterhood for a long time.”

Indeed, after the “Iron and Steel Jihad”, the International Court of Justice declared all the old imperial armed forces who had not surrendered as terrorist organizations. In theory, the sisterhood should no longer exist. Instead, it was called “a small group of criminals who tried to undermine social harmony and tranquility.”

Well, yes, the criminal. Su’er found that the word “criminal” would be perfect to explain what happened today

The royal family members were singing on the train and then were suddenly killed by the armed attackers. If it was the deliberate action of a certain country, it would be followed by the declaration of war by the Northern Kingdom. That means war with the second-largest military power in the world.

What about the sisterhood? As a criminal group that has been banned, they have too many reasons to attack Princess Marmalan – political revenge, ransom, or simply terrorist activities.

But is it really necessary to do so? To kill the monarch and her fiance like a “public execution” – such an arrogant act is bound to be reviled by the public opinion of all countries, which is a betise with all kinds of harm but no benefit.

Su’er shakes her head hard – politics, current affairs, it’s hard for her to think about these complicated things.

“So elder sister, did the princess hire you as a bodyguard? “

“How can it be!” The elder sister finally took a look at Su’er, “Where can you see that I am a bodyguard?”

There are so many problems in her rhetorical question that Su’er can not make complaints about it.

“You… Aren’t you in uniform? With a gun?”

“So what?” The other side showed an expression of indifference, “No one rules me not to take a gun on the train, right?”

“It’s true…” Su’er suddenly realized that something was wrong and shook her head, “What? No! It’s not allowed to carry guns on the train!”

“That’s my train,” the elder sister impatiently raised her hair in her head. “What is the rule? Is it not my has the final say?”

“You… Your train? ” Su’er said, “Are you a driver?”

“My train, don’t you know the subject nor the object?”

Yuan, it turns out that she is a capitalist – no wonder this guy doesn’t care about the death of the princess. Su’er covers her face with her hand to block her angry expression of hatred. It takes her two or three seconds to continue.

“Well, elder sister, I see – you’ve been to sisterhood before and bought a luxury passenger train on the Roland Island, right? And Princess Marmalan just took your train today, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t know that she was a princess,” said the other side with a serious look, “Princess? Right? How did the princess of your country show up on my train? “

“I’m sorry…” Su’er said with a wry smile, “it’s not ‘my’ country. I’m not from their country.”

“Damn it! I’d like to discuss with you about the train compensation… ” The elder sister gritted her teeth and threw away her cigarette butt, “Well, since you have nothing to do with them, let’s hurry up and take them out to the sisterhood. I’m short of time. I have a dinner at noon, a hot spring in the afternoon, and an appointment to play cards in the evening.”

As soon as the elder sister took off her rifle and was about to put her story into action, Su’er quickly stepped forward to stop her.

“Waaaaaaaaait! Wait, wait! Sister! Ah! Think about it. Can the sisterhood let us go after we hand them over? We are witnesses to their attack on the train!”

“About this…” The elder sister looked at the ceiling and thought a little, “You, I don’t know what they would do to you, but if they are really soldiers of the sisterhood, then as their senpai, they should not kill me at least.”

It seems that it’s meaningless to argue with this capitalist about moral integrity. It’s hard to hide the sadness in her heart. Su’er murmurs in a tone of almost begging.

“But they… they are the monarchs of the Northern Kingdom. If they die together, the world… the world will be broken!”

“…… Little girl.” The other side turned over and bent down, just opposite Su’er’s eyes, “My motherland was ruined by the world two years ago, so I have no interest in whether it will break, how it will break, and what it will become after it breaks.”

“But…” Su’er was speechless.

“Besides, they haven’t paid for the repair of my train. What’s the matter now? Do you want me to fight for them with the sisterhood? ” The elder sister paused and shook her head abruptly, “Then I must be crazy. Well, I must be.”

“Money!” – Su’er’s brain had been stung by Dragonflies, so it was 25% faster than that of ordinary people, so she immediately grasped the key point in her words.

“Think about it. If you give them to the sisterhood, who do you have to ask for compensation for the train?”

Finally, the other side seemed to be moved, and her brow seemed to twitch slightly.

“If we escort the prince back home, I can assure you that you will not only get the compensation for the train, but also a large extra bonus.”

“Guarantee? You promise?” The elder sister disdained, “Who are you?”

“Ah! You will be paid! Prince! Is that right?” Su’er cast an expectant look at Kukur, “Prince?”

The boy was still holding the princess’s body and crying without a pause.

“…… Believe me, “Su’er quickly turned her eyes back, “The Northern Kingdom, militarism, dictatorship, everything is bad, but they have money! Even if we just take the princess’s keepsake back – that little green stone, you can get the money for the train back. “

“Oh, It’s kind of interesting. ” The elder sister rubbed her chin, “But the Northern Kingdom is more than 5000 miles away from here. Even if you take the fastest passenger steamship, you have to spend about half a month, and you will be chased by the sisterhood in the middle of the journey… this is not a simple thing to say. We need… a plan. “

“Ah! We finally have a common topic. ” Su’er smiled and reached out her right hand to the woman, “My name is Su’er. As you can see, I’m a Dragonfly Girl.”

Just like a girl who got the new skirt and showed it off to her friends, Su’er intentionally spread her wings behind her, stretched the cape to both sides, revealing the glittering thin wings.

“Leiya…” The other side just took a look at Su’er’s hand, without any extra movement, “Leiya Holyspiritroar, the high priest of the former sisterhood.”

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